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danielA 8 posts Joined 06/13
15 Oct 2014
SQL Assistant Web Edition .. discontinued?

Where can I find the installation for this ?
Or has it been discontinued ? I cant find it on v14 or v15 of the tools & utilities

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
15 Oct 2014

Yes the SQL Assistant Web Edition has been discontinued since 2010 with the last version being the 13.00 release. You can consider the Viewpoint SQL Scratchpad portlet as a web-based SQL option although the primary recommendation would be to leverage the fat-client Teradata Studio Express. 

danielA 8 posts Joined 06/13
17 Oct 2014

Ahhh ... suspected that.
This appears to be an oversight on the website
reference it still and give no indication that it has been superseded by the viewpoint portal
Thanks for the response!

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