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lucasfilm 10 posts Joined 05/09
09 Nov 2011
SQL Assistant Setup

There is 2 options that i really misses in the Setup under "Tools -> Options - > History".

1) Save only successfull queries.

2) Do not save Explain.

Any possibilities for getting these one's?



10 Nov 2011


If am not wrong saving only successful queries will be of something like not to know our mistakes, at any point of time you can compare the errorenous query and a successful query.

Pradeep G

Pradeep Gummalla
Teradata India Pvt. Ltd.

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
17 Nov 2011

You can use the "Show successful Queries only" option in the "History Filer" dialog box.

1- Right Click in the History Windows.

2- Select "Filter ..."

3- Check "Show Successful queries only" option.

I am using SQL Assistant version 13.11.

lucasfilm 10 posts Joined 05/09
23 Nov 2011


Wasn't aware of the "Show Succesfull Queries" in the History. Checked this for now.

BUT i would prefare to have the option to not save these at all. The history database is huge enough as it is!

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