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03 May 2011
sql assistant or eclipse

I have hopefully a simple question. I have downloaded the sq assistant package, and or the eclipse plugin. Trying to use either of these is really a test of patience. It appears the sql history is causing an error or retry or something. With the plugin installed (helios eclipse) constant freezing or clocking occurs. SQL Assistant is not much better. I have tried on multiple machines, windows, linux, mac. All show same behavior. So maybe my td db. I have three available, one dev express on windows, one dev express on vmware, one appliance. All have the same issue.

It is so bad, I have written my own jdbc based command line tool to execute queries. This seems a bit much, but deadlines have forced any solution possible. I have jdk 1.6.

Thoughts, seems like nice tool. Would like it to work. Help

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
04 May 2011

We are aware of a problem that occurs with very large SQL statements in the SQL History. We have fixed the problem and are set to release by the end of the month. Do you happen to be running a large SQL statement? If not can you provide more detail about what steps you are doing or any exceptions that may appear in the error log?

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