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BkAZ 8 posts Joined 05/14
11 Jul 2014
SQL Assistant error? "Submit only the selected query text, when highlighted" not working

(version 14.10 of SQL Assistant)
Is there a bug with this option?
Tools, Options, Query: "Submit only the selected query text, when highlighted" 
If I have a line with -- at beginning (standard SQL comment syntax since always) and I highlight ONLY the text following the -- characters, it will not execute ONLY the highlighted text (error is "Query is invalid").
I've seen various forum posts back to 2007 regarding this and certainly thought it would be solved by now... 
Anyone have any experience with this?

Glass 225 posts Joined 04/10
14 Jul 2014

14.10 won't submit commented out text.
You can install 15 now and loose this restriction and gain a few more useful features

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