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myokitis 6 posts Joined 03/10
12 May 2010
SQL Assistant: Disappearing Answerset Headers

The column headings/titles revert to "A", "B", "C" whenever I begin a query with a comment (for documentation purposes) or perform a join in a query. However, if I remove the leading comment and/or join, the proper titles appear in my answerset.

How can I force the column titles/headings to always appear? I already have the answerset option "Dsiplay Column Titles rather than column Names" checked, and I'm using SQLA 7.2. Thanks.

myokitis 6 posts Joined 03/10
13 May 2010

Problem solved (sort of) . . . I was using "--" comments, and those for some reason do seem to suppress the column headings. However, when I used "/* . . . */" comments the headings now appear. So I'll just use those instead, though I'm still not sure why "--" would suppress column headings.

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
28 Jun 2010

The "A", "B", "C" headings are displayed when ODBC returns no column titles.
I think this problem has been fixed in a later version of the ODBC driver.
(I know a similar case of empty headings was fixed in ODBC 12.0)

elizendon 1 post Joined 02/11
16 Feb 2011

Thanks for this myokitis...I've been trying to resolve this issue for the last 2 weeks...!

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