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DanB 3 posts Joined 12/09
11 Dec 2009
SQL Assistant annoyance - how to fix

This issue is really throwing me off. Everytime I click on another query tab, it jumps to the top of the query and does not stay at the position that you were last viewing. This is a real pain when jumping between large amounts of code.Also, when you save a tab, it does not rename it until you close and reopen it.Are there fixes?

SpeedsterZ28 5 posts Joined 05/08
02 Feb 2010

This problem is a huge annoyance for me, as well.Any solutions?

datakong 3 posts Joined 08/10
27 Aug 2010

What Version are you using? This was always a problem for me and so I would use multiple sessions to combat it. Now I have upgraded to v13 - this seems to be fixed... but I'm finding other issues.

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