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srjilek 3 posts Joined 06/12
08 Jun 2012
SQL Assistant 14.01 download availability?

Where should I go to download SQL Assistant v14 which was released in March? new-in-teradata-sql-assistant-14-01

The TTU windows install is only version, but I'm already using  I don't see any other direct options in the downloads section for SQL Assistant.

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
08 Jun 2012

You cannot download SQL Assistant. You need to upgrade to TTU 14.0.

srjilek 3 posts Joined 06/12
11 Jun 2012

Fair enough, then where can I get TTU v14?  The downloads section only provides TTU v13


jconcepcion1 4 posts Joined 03/12
25 Jul 2012

Where is TTU v14? ODBC v14 is ready but the TTU v14 download is nowhere to be found.

jconcepcion1 4 posts Joined 03/12
25 Jul 2012

I guess it's an internal download only. I don't get this.


abhijitvyas 51 posts Joined 08/06
26 Jul 2012

You can get ot from T@YS Windows download section and SQLA works with ODBC 13.10 and .NET 13.11 as well.




rayedmond 12 posts Joined 12/09
07 Aug 2012

Where is the full TTU 14 download?

jandrews 1 post Joined 09/11
27 Aug 2012

Same here, I am looking for the full TTU 14 download and it doesn't seem to be openly available.

rupert160 131 posts Joined 09/10
21 Oct 2012

This is an employee internal method through TSS
They can be downloaded from this link:
To Download:
- Click on Teradata Client > Windows and set the following options
       Software base: 1101 TTU 14.0
       Platform base: i386
       Current: ON
- Click Submit to display the package list and check the packages listed in the email thread (below).
       Fill in your Teradata username and email address at the bottom and click Submit to download.
       The download file is in a ZIP format.


victoriniguez 2 posts Joined 07/11
22 May 2013

Looking for TPT 14
Can somebody help please


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