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dso007 1 post Joined 04/15
13 Apr 2015
SQL Assistant

Switched to SQL Assistant DB version 10.00.0714, ODBC
History not available but more importantly - whenever I export a dataset to my hard-drive it somehow exports it as a hidden file and no matter what I do I can't get it to show up.
When I go to run it again, in the export dialogue box the export DOES show but NOT if using windows explorer.

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
13 Apr 2015

What version of SQL Assistant did you upgrade from? (Pre 13.0 maybe?)
The most likely causes of a missing History file are:
1) The Directory tab of the Options dialog is pointing to the wrong location for the history file. (SQLHistory.mdb, or Queryman.mdb if you upgraded from 12.0 or older.)
2) The Microsoft JET files are missing, or are not correctly registered. The most frequently missing [or not registered] files are MSJET40.DLL,MSRD3X40.DLL and MSRD2X40.DLL.
These will be in Windows\System32 or Windows\SysWOW64 depending if you have a 32 or 64 bit system.
3) The history file (or directory it is in) is read only, or you do not have permission to read/write the file.
I have never heard of the other issue. SQLA does not specifically set the 'hidden' attribute when it creates files. If that bit is being set it sounds like you have an issue with your Windows installation. I would suggest you check with your IT support folks. (I dont even know how something like that can be set.)

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
13 Apr 2015

FYI. 13.11 is very old now.
If you can upgrade to a more recent version it is possible that will help. (I dont think 13.11 was tested with Windows 7)
The latest versions of each release are currently,,, and within a few days - 
They are all backward compatable with older versions of the database. (Teradata database never had a 10.0 version though) 

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