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bdgeise 2 posts Joined 01/12
26 Mar 2012
SQL Assistant 13.10 Java Heap Space Error

When running SQL Assistant 13.10 in a new instance and running a rather simple query the first time the query is executed it runs fine.  However, if there is a slight change to the query, such as modifying the date range, when executing the query again an error is generated as follows:

'Launch Teradata ResultSet Viewer' has encountered a problem.  An internal error has occurred.  Java heap space.


I have tried running the same query on a different machine and no problems.  Any ideas?  I know I can set the heap size for java to be larger, but am more curious why one machine can run this query and another cannot.

Any help or feedback would be much appreciated.


fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
26 Mar 2012

When Teradata Studio Express is launched we will set the -Xms (starting Heap size) and -Xmx (maximum Heap size) to 256. These values are in the sqla.ini file. Are there OS differences or JVM versions?

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