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hjoe 1 post Joined 02/10
12 Feb 2010
SQL Assistant 13

1. ) Is it possible in the Database Explorer pane to show databases in a hierarchical structure? How? If not, is there an enhancement for a future release planned?

2.) Is it possoble to automatically get the full list of all databases accessible to the user in this pane, like in Teradata Administrator? Any plans in future releases? Would be neat.

MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
18 Mar 2010

There are no plans to implement a hierachical view of databases in the Explorer pane. Partly because few databases vendors have any concept of hierachy, and partly because most business users dont need to know about the hierachy - it is much easier for them to find a database alphabetically.

Version 13.10 (available soon) will allow you to request all databases that you have access to, or a list of databases obtained from any table or view that contains a list of databases. Your DBA could set up a view that would pull a list that depended on your Role for example.

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