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bswarmer 3 posts Joined 01/06
27 Jun 2006
Size Limit on Varchar / Concatenating

I am needing to know if there is a size limit on either varchar fields or concatenated fields in Teradata. Thanks for your help!Brad

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
28 Jun 2006

Check the SQL manual, Data Types and Literals:Maximum size of a char/varchar is 64000Dieter


virenag 6 posts Joined 09/12
28 Sep 2012

When you try to concatenate all columns of a table using || and trmming all whitespaces from all CHAR/VARCHAR fields, I noticed that anything over VARCHAR(31825) when concatenated with other columns, seems to complain of exceeding Max size.
I am not sure if the Max size is set for complete concatenated string or just for large VARCHAR field. I suspect it is set at 32000 for concatenated string.

Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
29 Sep 2012

On an ASCII character set, the Maximum size of a varchar could be 64K because of the maximum row size.
Your character set seems to be UNICODE where each character takes 2 bytes for storage...

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