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Ashwin4tera 19 posts Joined 11/11
17 Mar 2012
Settting up Alerts policy first time on Teradata Manager 13.0 alert action sending email

Our client is useing Teradata 13.0 and no ViewPoint.

We are trying to set up some system alerts on Dev and Prod boxes for some critical events like CPU Skew, run out of space .

I have configured SMTP for Email alert on dev box and tested server sent me the test mail and success.

I created a alert policy for CPU skew > 60% and to send a email to DBA action, but we have couple of jobs ran with high cpu skew more than

70% but i did not get any email alert. I have seen the corresponding Alert table it is active please help me in this .

Is there any thing i miss please help me in this,


Thank You.

alvie 32 posts Joined 03/12
21 Mar 2012

There could be other issues as well but remember that CPU skew is a session level alert, one query skewing more than the alert threshold is not a guarantee that an alert will be triggered.

It's better to test the alerts by creating a blocking alert and manually getting a session blocked for the threshold number of minutes. It's quite easy to do that.



Ashwin4tera 19 posts Joined 11/11
21 Mar 2012

I will try that and let you know.


Thank you alive.

Ashwin4tera 19 posts Joined 11/11
06 Apr 2012

hi alvie,

Now i set alert for number of sessions.

If no.of sessions per user more than 2 it suppose to send a email.

But the alert policy is not triggered even there are users more than 2 sessions.

And also i am not seeing any thing on the Alter viewer.

Please suugest if i miss any thing this is on dev box.


Thank You.


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