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Marcus Connolly 16 posts Joined 07/10
23 Aug 2010
Send email from Remote Console?

Hi there,
I'm looking to run the SHOWLOCKS utility at regular intervals.For this I am using the Teradata Manager Scheduler,and have a recorded script called 'CHECK_TEST_LOCKS'.

At the moment I can run it and have the results sent out to a text file:

rcons.exe -S CHECK_TEST_LOCKS -O c:Output.txt

This is all fine,but I am wondering if it is possible to have the results sent out to an email address instead? Or even an email notification to be sent out when it is run? Is this possible?

Any help/suggested alternatives welcome.


CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
23 Aug 2010


A simple script (WSH in Windows, bash in Linux/UNIX...) will do the trick. It can take the output file as the content for the mail and send it to the desired recipients.



Marcus Connolly 16 posts Joined 07/10
24 Aug 2010

Hi Carlos,
Thanks for the response,we will give that a go.


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