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umakathir 32 posts Joined 09/06
28 Dec 2007

I have a following query written in BTEQ script file. Also i have command file which invokes the script file. I want to return the record count results from the belwo select query to command file and based on that i will do some actions. To return value from BTEQ to command file, i can use .RETURN mRecCnt.But SELECT INTO class is not valid in BTEQ script. Is ther any other method to get the value?SELECT COUNT(*) INTO mRecCnt FROM mytable WHERE ERRCODE > 0;

28 Feb 2008

You cannot specify/use the variables in the Bteq and mRecCnt is the variable in this case.

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
28 Feb 2008

you mentioned you want to store the results into a command that case perhaps the .export file command of bteq would be of help to you ?

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