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01 Oct 2011
SAS Tools (DI and BI) Feedback

   We are in the process of first implementation of EDW at our organization. The tool that has been selected is SAS DI for ETL and SAS BI for BI. During the development phase (which just started) we realized that the tool has some limitations and causing problem for us. It's a time for us to decide whether to proceed with the tool or replace it as we don't want to be stuck with something which will require a lot of custom code / work arounds.



   I'll appreciate if you can share pros and cons of SAS DI and BI tool with Teradata. I'll appreciate if some examples can be shared as well.


  For example, in case of SAS DI, we couldn't found a way to use stored procedures. SAS support hasn't yet responded to it, so can't say it's a true limitation or not.


  Similarly, for LSF (schedular) SAS informally confirmed that the work flows / jobs cannot be exported from one environment to another environment. It seems as for every environment those job flows has to be re-written / re-coded. This is a lot of effort.


  We were doing testing for initial load. One of the table had 26 million rows, and had few transformations. The job in SAS took 3 days, and we had to kill it as there was no sign of it getting finished. 


  We haven't yet reached BI phase so not sure about BI tool limitation, but would be nice to hear your experiences before deciding to proceed with this tool or go for some other tool.




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