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razgilad 3 posts Joined 05/10
12 May 2010
Running select while mload

Hi Guys

Sorry for this question but I'm newbie in Teradata and did not find the answer to this in the FAQ / formal articles.

The issue is about the ability to run "select ....order by" on a table that is being loaded in parallel by mload.

(1) if - while running a select stmt which is in the process of returning records - we start mload (to the same table), what will happen?
(2) if - while running mload - we start running a select on the same table, what will happen?



Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
12 May 2010

Assuming the select statement is with default (read) locking...

(1) Mload will wait until the select statement finishes.
(2) The select statement will wait until Mload finishes.

frankjustme 2 posts Joined 09/09
14 May 2010

If you declare a read access lock before doing your select you can read all commited data before the lock is released by mload. Other than that you have to wait until lock is released.

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