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Tony-2824 1 post Joined 06/06
14 Jun 2006
Rights and Users

Hi!I would like to know how to list all the users and their rights (with sql assistant for example) when you are connected to a data source. Is there any query which is able to get all the roles (groups), their rights and theirs users ?Regards,/Tony

morphik 1 post Joined 04/05
20 Jun 2006

Hi!If you want to collect information about all users and their rights, you can simply use DBC.UserRights view. To get an answer to your second question, try to join other two DBC views: RoleMembers and UserRoleRights.Regards,

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
21 Jun 2006

If you are DBA, you can query DBC.Users (or DBC.Databases where dbkind = 'U')You may also want to use DBC.AllRoleRights instead of DBC.UserRoleRights.If the grants are direct (w/out using roles), you can query DBC.AllRights.Vinay

Kks 128 posts Joined 03/06
21 Jun 2006

I think use Teradata Administrator tool ,for more ease

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