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ppad001 18 posts Joined 06/11
24 Mar 2013
Restarting Fastload if we have error with the source data file

I had encountered today a failure with fastload. There was some issue with the source file for which the fastload got paused. I corrected the data and restarted the run, but it didnt succeed.
I got the error:
**** 21:36:29 RDBMS error 2634: Existing ERROR table(s) or Incorrect
              use of unit_Inf  in  Fast Load operation.
**** 21:36:29 Delete the Error Tables or fix the BEGIN LOADING statement
I dropped the error tables, it then succeeded.
So my question is, do we have to drop the error tables every time we restart ?

alihammad 16 posts Joined 03/11
17 Sep 2014

Remove the TPT checkpoints. That worked for me

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
22 Sep 2014

No, if everything is done correctly, you are actually NOT supposed to drop the error tables in order to restart a job that was paused. Dropping the error tables (and the row in the restart log table) will mean the job will start from the beginning.
Apparently, something was wrong with the error tables and the job could not be resumed. And thus you were instructed to drop them and start all over.


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