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pmik 1 post Joined 10/05
10 Oct 2005
Remove a table lock if fastload fails

Hello, I need help with fastload. I want to remove lock on a table which was fastloaded and fastload fails (record were wrong). If the fastload fails, than the table is locked and you can't work with it. Error is: RDBMS error 2652: Operation not allowed: _db_._table_ is being Loaded.I know, that one solution is to drop-create the table, but I don't find that nice to use it in the production. Do you have any idea, how to remove this locks?Thanks for any idea.--petr

Krishan.R 7 posts Joined 01/06
18 Jan 2006

Dennis,I have one quick question. Do we need to run the empty fastload script with same user id through a different session or we can use any available userid? An example: User report a fastload failure and lock. Do we need to run the script under his id or our own id (DBA)? Thanks,Krishnan.R

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