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muthu1802 20 posts Joined 01/12
09 Dec 2015
Record Rejected to Error Table if String contains untranslatable character while doing TPT extract/Load in BINARY mode

Error table is getting loaded with error code "6706" while doing TPT EXTRACT/LOAD using TPT Binary Mode.
In case of text mode I understand we need to handle this case.
even for BINARY mode also do we handle this case.?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
10 Dec 2015

Yes. Record format BINARY only describes the output / input file to Data Connector. The Schema still describes the data as character for Load.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
10 Dec 2015

As Fred mentioned, the term "Binary Mode" only refers to the format of the data located in a flat file.
When you use the term "TPT EXTRACT/LOAD", I interpret that to mean you are extracting data from a database and then loading into Teradata.
What is the source of your data?
Can you provide your script?


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