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balu_td 22 posts Joined 03/13
19 Mar 2013
Re: remove the CRLF in the fastexport generated file

I need to export file with certain fields. Where one of coulmn data has a CR.
For eg:
 record1 aaa      bbb       ccc
 record2 ddd      eee       ffff 
The spaces between the aaa bbb represents the New Line Char..
Now i need to remove this and need to export the field. That export file should not contain CR.
please Help me!!

balu_td 22 posts Joined 03/13
19 Mar 2013

The Record may or may not contain CR. If it has don't how many CR it will be..

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
19 Mar 2013

This should be done using a UDF, check if oTranslate or oReplace is installed on your system, if not you should tell your DBA to do it :-)


balu_td 22 posts Joined 03/13
19 Mar 2013

Hi Dnoeth,
Thanks for replying..
I dont have an option to use OReplace or OTranslate.. Is there any other way i can get out from it..

ThomasNguyen 30 posts Joined 04/09
20 Mar 2013

You can write an outmod to validate and preprocess export data records from Teradata Database before writing them to files on the client system.

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