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balu_td 22 posts Joined 03/13
04 Mar 2014
Re: Delete Syntax in MLOAD

I need to delete the rows from table in mload script which are not matching in the file.
Tried couples of ways but couldn't succeed.

DELETE FROM Employee WHERE EmpNo <> :EmpNo and EmpName <> :Empname;

UTY0805 RDBMS failure, 3537: A MultiLoad DELETE Statement is Invalid.

DELETE FROM Employee WHERE (EmpNo,EmpName) NOT IN (:EmpNo,:Empname);

UTY0805 RDBMS failure, 3707: Syntax error, expected something like
     a 'SELECT' keyword or '(' or a 'NONTEMPORAL' keyword or 'AS' keyword or '('
     between '(' and ':'
Please help

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
05 Mar 2014

In a standard BEGIN [IMPORT] MLOAD, the DELETE statement must specify values for the PI with equality condition, just as an UPDATE would. Or you can use BEGIN DELETE MLOAD and non-PI equality WHERE condition. Check the manual for details.

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