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jorfradec 7 posts Joined 07/08
24 Mar 2012
RDBMS error 3029: Associated LSN was not found

Hello Everyone, I am trying to import data from a flat file to teradata table with FASTLOAD, but after a few seconds throws error. The log :

**** 10:50:22 Teradata Database Release:
**** 10:50:22 Teradata Database Version:
**** 10:50:22 Current CLI or RDBMS allows maximum row size: 64K
**** 10:50:22 Character set for this job: ASCII
**** 10:50:22 RDBMS error 3029: Associated LSN was not found.
**** 10:50:22 Unable to log on Auxiliary SQL Session
**** 10:50:22 FastLoad cannot continue. Exiting.


Can anyone help me with this error?



feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
26 Mar 2012

Is this an intermittent problem?

Or can you get this error every time you run this particular job?



jorfradec 7 posts Joined 07/08
10 Apr 2012

The problem was resolved by DBA's. Thanks.

Rufuce 1 post Joined 03/12
19 Aug 2014

how did the problem resolved? i  have the same problem

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