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TeraTintin 4 posts Joined 01/06
24 Jan 2006
Quryman Error

My Querman is not workingWhen I try to connect machine data source I get the following error:160: specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126 (Teradata)Any tips to resolve this issue will be appreciated.

hh 21 posts Joined 06/04
24 Jan 2006

Make sure you have set up the teradata node connection information and all your odbc drivers are up to date.

TeraTintin 4 posts Joined 01/06
26 Jan 2006

Thank You HH.I was having issues with ODBC, surprisingly I was able to use BTEQ and Datastage.

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
02 Feb 2006

I believe BTEQ uses native connection while SQL Assistant uses ODBC.You may want to upgrade your ODBC driver.Vinay

wreed 4 posts Joined 01/09
20 Apr 2009

I started to receive this error, now I know my paths variable has been screwed up...could that attribute to this error?

vhari 111 posts Joined 12/08
21 Apr 2009

Most likely your ODBC driver load failed due to the missing ICU library. Make sure you have ODBC Driver, ICU and TeraGSS pkgs. from same TTU release installed.

perryg30313 1 post Joined 10/10
15 Oct 2010

Man you guys are Awesome!! I didn't realize that I hadn't installed the ICU library because my companies package didn't have it in the zip file. My install is working now that I've installed ICU. Thanks

NathanHagemann 7 posts Joined 05/10
18 Nov 2011

We received this same message in Informatica after loading Teradata 13.10 drivers on our test server.  Only required a restart of the server to remedy.

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