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AmarnathG 16 posts Joined 10/12
30 Oct 2012
Queue tabel in Terra Data

Hello all,
Can any one explain me about queue table in Terra Data with example
Thanx in advance

Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
30 Oct 2012

Queue tables just like the name depicts are used to serialize the custom process using the db capabilities. One process inserts a record signaling the process has been completed and the other process can start as soon as it finds the required signal from the dependent process.
This article should give you a good understanding as why they are required and how they can be used!

AmarnathG 16 posts Joined 10/12
31 Oct 2012

Hi Aftab,
Thank you so much.Article is very helpful.
Can you give one example on this.
Amarnath G


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