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islanderman 40 posts Joined 03/14
10 Jul 2014
Question on Failed TPT Load

If a TPT load fails and the restart is not working can someone tell me what has to be done to get the load to start over again.  I know that I have to drop the load table and the tables with the extentions _ET and _UV.  I believe there is a lock file placed somewhere, but can someone clarify that?
Also, in my case the log file is defaulting to the ID that is running the script followed by a number that is incrementing.  The number is starting to get large.  Is there a way to reset that?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
10 Jul 2014

It depends on the reason for the failure.
Some "failures" can be fixed by the user so that the job can be restarted.
You also do not say which operators you had used in the job.
That information might impact the steps needed to start the job all over again from the beginning.
For the log id, why does it matter if the number is getting large?
Every log file has to have a unique name.
If you start the numbers over again at 0, then unless you have cleaned up the logs, old ones will be overwritten.


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