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Darin 13 posts Joined 09/05
01 Sep 2010
Question: Is this a user only forum or is this also a way to feed back to Teradata Developers?

Is this a user only forum or is this also a way to feed back to Teradata Developers?

This would be a good oportunity for feedback to developers. Many of the tools being produced are fantastic ideas but released not quite ready for prime time. A paste to post this get other users feedback as well as maybe some developer feedback would be great.

VelvetElvis 4 posts Joined 09/10
01 Sep 2010

Depends what you want to feed them...if it's really good, they'll respond to the posts.

neilotoole 78 posts Joined 11/08
02 Sep 2010

@Darin... it depends upon the developer group; some of the more-user facing developers, e.g. SQL Assistant etc, are relatively active; but sometimes, especially with more of the backend stuff, the official support channels are more reliable. However, you should also keep an eye on articles and blogs posted on DevX; the authors are usually fairly responsive.

DevX Platform Architect

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
02 Sep 2010

Agree with this last post. For the load/unload utilities (FL/ML/FE/TP and TPT), I have been unable to get the engineers to be active in the forum section.

So, unfortunately, I am it. :)

I do look at the posts in the Tools section every week; sometimes too busy to look every day.

I think the Forums section started out as a place to post problems. With the Developer Exchange, the idea is to get engineering (in general) more involved as well. But as Neil points out, every group is different.

What specifically do you find is not quite ready for prime time?


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