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indra91 16 posts Joined 06/16
28 Jul 2016
Queries for Teradata Fast Export Utility

We need to offload huge volume of data from a Teradata table to a network attached filesystem using the FastExport Utility.

The database will be a standalone server while the Fastexport script will be executed from the edge node of a hadoop cluster.

The data will be offloaded into the local file system of the edge node of the cluster .I have the following concerns with respect to the above 



  1. Do I need to install the FastExport utility on the database server or the edge node i.e from where the script will be executed?
  2. Performance Tuning:According to the FastExport reference documentation the maximum number of sessions will be same as the number of AMP.Is there any other ways to fine tune the export performance of FastExport?
  3. What should be the CPU and memory configuration of the edge node to get the maximum performance from the export?

I Roy


feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
09 Aug 2016

1. FastExport should be installed on the edge node. It should never be installed on the database server.
2. It has been shown that a max session count of 4 is generall the best setting, but you can try with more to see if it gets you any better performance.
I do not have an answer for #3.
However, may I ask why you are not using TPT?
TPT supports both an HDFS interface and a TDCH interface for moving data between Teradata and Hadoop.


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