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sRavanSarma 23 posts Joined 11/08
19 Jul 2009
Problem with Teradata Service Control

Hi, I was trying to start Teradata using Teradata Service control but its saying that "Bynet Installed, but not running. Reboot to start".I tried to reboot my system and even after that I am getting the same error message.Any Idea of how to get rid of this or Are there any other ways to start Teradata ?Thanks in advance.

sri_td 1 post Joined 07/09
23 Jul 2009

Hi,I am also facing same problem, did you got issue resolved? If so please let me know.I found that the bynet service is not running and tried to run it from administrative tools\services\bynetit shows error message that dependent service is not exist or marked for deletion.Thanks,Sri

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