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GNS 5 posts Joined 09/15
02 Oct 2015
Please Help -Error: (UPDATE_OPERATOR: TPT10322: Error -1 while trying to initialize CLI)

I am installing TPT 15.00 in a linux server that has Informatica on it.
I have set the environment variables and now I am getting the error below when I run my workflows
Message Code: TPTWR_10322

[ERROR] Type:(Teradata PT API Error), Error: (UPDATE_OPERATOR: TPT10322: Error -1 while trying to initialize CLI)



Could you please help me resolving this issue?


Thanks in advance


Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
02 Oct 2015

That's a very generic error. Did everything install correctly?
Do you have environment variable THREADONOFF=1 set? (Required for CLIv2 on Unix/Linux for multithreaded applications such as Informatica, otherwise you can encounter random and confusing errors)
You may need to open an incident with Teradata support.

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