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SD 5 posts Joined 09/05
28 Feb 2006
Partitioned tables: multiload vs JDBC

I would like to know if partitioned tables permit concurrent inserts/updates to multiple partitions of the same table when using multiload only or any other client as well.Put differently, my questions is - if I were to open a JDBC connection to the Teradata DBS, is it possible to perform several insert/update operations on the table albeit on distinct partitions?

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
28 Feb 2006

Partitioning has no effect on locking granularity, so concurrency is the same. There is no partition level locking.Multiload always locks the entire table. Single row inserts and updates (assuming searched update qualified on primary index) use row level locking, so concurrent requests of that kind on the same table are possible (TPUMP, in fact, depends on it).

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