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djpinter 3 posts Joined 09/10
29 Sep 2010
Parse Views to Tree Structure

I'm searching for a tool or utility that will take views and create a tree structure. My task is develop a comprehensive mapping of my company's inbound and outbound processes. Since a majority of our outbounds are sourced from views an automatic method of generating a tree-like strucutre in text or xml would be a huge help.

I found a post ( find-out-the-table-na...) that mentions Teradata Utility Pack's Meta Data Services but doesn't explain which function to use or point to any documentation.

Where is MDS's documentation? What does the output from MDS look like? Can MDS handle complex views with case statments and multiple derived tables?

Triton 18 posts Joined 05/08
21 Feb 2011

You can find the MDS documentation under the Teradata Tools & Utilities:

MDS is a metadata repository and you can use the MetaBrowse (Windows GUI) utility to view the metadata. The MDS web application called MetaSurf gives you the ability to search and navigate the metadata. MDS also provides C++, COM, & Java Class APIs to read or write into the reposity.

MDS also includes an XML interface that allows you to read/write into the repository through a utility called metaxml, and it provides predefined SQL views that allow you to read some of the metadata through SQL.

MDS parses the RequestText for Views, StoredProcedures, Macros, & Triggers to fully identify and resolve all references so it definitely handles complex views. The view analysis includes identifying base table/columns, nested views, recursive views as well as identifying macros and stored procedures that reference a view.

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