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24 Mar 2006
O/p file heading

Hi All, We are running Bteq from Mainframe and creating an Output file GDG base in a PDS of Mainframe. we need the the report should contains the headings, hence exporting the data with REPORT format,the main problem is here that, the table contains no data hence OutPut file is not getting any rows, but my question is that, if data is not coming, but atleast column heading should show in the GDG base out put file? is it so that if now rows then columns will also not display in the GDG base o/p file. Can any one please confirm the same or there is some error in jcl/proc. kindly reply immediately, its urgent.thanks and regards,Manoj Kumar Parmar

27 Mar 2006

Hi All,If any body requires more clarification, kindly revert me back as early as possible.Regards

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