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TdMan 91 posts Joined 01/07
02 Nov 2007
OLEDB utility

Can anyone explain me what is OLEDB utility in teradata and what it is used for?

Balamurugan B 81 posts Joined 09/07
06 Nov 2007

Hi Sakthi,OLE-DB stands for Object Linking and Embedding, Database. It is an API(Application Program Interface), which is used for accessing different types of data stores in a uniform manner. It was designed as a higher-level relpacement for, and successor to ODBC. It has the feature set to support a wider variety of Non-relational database, such as object database and spreadsheets, etc.,Regards,Balamurugan


Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
06 Nov 2007

In addition to the Teradata OLEDB Provider, there is an "OLEDB Access Module" that interfaces the Teradata utilities like FastExport and FastLoad with an OLEDB application. See the Access Module Reference manual for details.

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