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pdruley 3 posts Joined 01/10
13 Jan 2010
NotePad++, a GPL replacement to UltraEdit and TextPad

Every developer has a favorite text editor which explains why there are so many available (see My new favorite text editor is NotePad++, an open source application available under the GNU General Public License. It is primarily distributed for Windows but is likely to run on Linux/Mac using something like WINE.

NotePad++ has many features and comes standard with tons of languages for syntax highlighting. There are also user defined languages that allow you to customize your own syntax. A list of shared user defined languages including one for Teradata that I created can be found at the link below: index.php?title=User_Defined_Language_Files

I included all of the Teradata Version 13 keywords from SQL Assistant, BTEQ, FastExport, FastLoad, MultiLoad, TPump, and Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT). They are organized into three groups SQL Assistant, TPT, and everything else. This should allow turning off a particular group based on the type of development. Any duplicates from the third group were removed.

So if you develop for Teradata and in the market for a new text editor, try NotePad++ (

as185188 1 post Joined 01/10
20 Jan 2010


My favorite editor is UltraEdit, although it is a bit expensive. The feature that I find most useful with UltraEdit is the ability to open from/save to SFTP or FTP locations, so I can work on remote files on *nix systems with ease.
Does NotePad++ provide you with a similar capability to this?

What features does NotePad++ provide for frequent SQL programming that you find most useful?


Vador 36 posts Joined 08/07
21 Jan 2010

did you consider GVim ?
It has a very good integration with win32 OLE, has a lot af helpers and extenders and extend the old vi capacity.
By using perl DBI and a SQL extention, I even succeed to establish from vim, a direct connection to Teradata or doing
a subversion commit directly from the vim GUI

UM 3 posts Joined 08/10
10 Oct 2010

Hi pdruley, I have downloaded the terdata xml file from link you provided, renamed it to userDefineLang.xml and placed it in the Notepad++ folder. But when I select Language > User-Defined, it doesn't work, doesn't highlight anything.
Also am I supposed to see Teradata in the Language menu? I can't see it there.

robpaller 159 posts Joined 05/09
13 Oct 2010

@UM - You will need to place (or merge) the userDefineLang.xml in %APPDATA%\Notepad++. I made the mistake of placing it in C:\Program Files\Notepad++ and it wouldn't work.

I found %APPDATA%\NotePad++ by opening a command line window (Win+R -> cmd) and then entering CD %APPDATA%\Notepad++. Then I was able to browse to it using Windows Explorer (My Computer) but not until I modified the View settings to show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Hope this helps.

perezco 22 posts Joined 05/12
02 May 2012

is the TeraTermNpp.xml.xml still available? for Notepad++

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