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YHKim 1 post Joined 06/09
28 May 2013
No menu bar in SQL Assistant 14.01

I have installed the SQL Assistant 14.01. After that, I customised the menu. I continuously removed the menu bar. Finally my SQL Assistant 14.01 have no menu bar. I tried to install the SQL Assistant 14.01 many times. But the menu could not restored. And it is still no menu bar. How can I restore all the menu bar in my SQL Assistant 14.01 ? Please give me guide.

RickSRose 4 posts Joined 07/11
28 May 2013

I had the same problem last year. You need to delete the Toolbars.config file from \Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Teradata\SQL Assistant.
On my Windows 7 latptop it is:
C:\Users\RR255018\Application Data\Teradata\SQL Assistant\Toolbars.config
Hope this helps.

Rick Rose
Teradata PS Solutions Consultant

vishnuTD 1 post Joined 08/15
31 Jan 2016

Can some one tell me how to get the menu bar back? Menu bar and all tool bars have disappeared, I tried reinstalling multiple times, but it did not help.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
03 Feb 2016

From a command prompt:
del "%APPDATA%\Teradata\SQL Assistant\Toolbars.config"
Next time you run SQL Assistant, it will re-create the file with default settings.

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