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ysrinu 44 posts Joined 04/07
13 Mar 2013
.NET Data Provider - 'Windows Help' file doesn't work

I download the 'Windows Help' file for '.NET Data Provider' at dot-net-data-provider

The downloaded file 'tdnetdp__windows_indep.' is 7MB,
however when I open the .chm file, I can see the Index but not the contents
The content pane says 'Navigation to the webpage was canceled'
-srinivas y.

ysrinu 44 posts Joined 04/07
25 Mar 2013

It worked for me now after I
right click the .chm file -> Properties -> Uncheck attribute 'Read-only' -> click 'Unblock'

Since I downloaded the file from internet it was 'Blocked'

-srinivas y.

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