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Joe LaMattina 3 posts Joined 03/06
06 Mar 2006
MVS Load Utilities accessing Unix File Path System

We have a Unix file system sitting under MVS/ZOS. Has anyone been able to do a load from the MVS side replacing the INFILE ddname with an INFILE filename? We have to run from the MVS side (channel Attached), we can't pull the data from the Application Node (Network Attached). If yes, were there any other considerations (EBCDIC/ASCII considerations). ThanksJoe LaMattina

Joe LaMattina 3 posts Joined 03/06
07 Mar 2006

Response per NCRTPT ( Teradata Parallel Transporter ) can allow users to access files on USS and MVS, which means we also support the access to HFS. Other utilities don't have that capability. TPT is in controlled GCA status since January.

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