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ajai_47 8 posts Joined 08/06
17 Jul 2008
Multiload using two source files

hii want to mload data from two separate files into a single table.i dont know whether it is possible or not, if so please tell me how to do a multiload for this or even if there is any other alternative..LAYOUT COUNTDS;.FIELD RULECNT * CHAR(12);.DML LABEL COUNTDS1_ins;.LAYOUT ERCDS;.FIELD ERRORCODE * CHAR(4);.DML LABEL ERCDS1_ins;INSERT INTO TEMP_EXCPT_SG ( REC_CNT, EXCPT_DEF_CD, )VALUES ( :RULECNT, :ERRORCODE, ); .IMPORT INFILE INDATA1 LAYOUT COUNTDS APPLY COUNTDS1_ins;.IMPORT INFILE INDATA2 LAYOUT ERCDS APPLY ERCDS1_ins;.END MLOAD;.LOGOFF;is it possible to do some thing like this?Ajai

j355ga 100 posts Joined 12/05
18 Jul 2008

You can do it using any of these methods:1. Use Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT). 2. Run the mload twice. First on one file then on the other.3. Combine the files and run mload.4. Create a named pipe (on Unix) and stream both files to it.


28 Jul 2008

use cat command in command line and redirect to single file ....use that file in mload scriptif u r running in unix envif it is windowswrite first mlaod script with out endmload commandafter that write next with endmload command execute the script

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