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lelera 1 post Joined 02/06
28 Feb 2006

Good Day,How do you monitor the status of your jobs on multiload, and how do you check for the jobs that abended. Is there a scheduler tool you can use to accomplish this? e.g. Unicenter

TS 12 posts Joined 02/06
28 Feb 2006

Hi,While a multiload job is running in batch mode, u can view its status in the log file which is being created. Similarly the status of abended jobs can also be seen in the log file created.Hope it helps.regards,TS.

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
05 Mar 2006

You can monitor current MLOAD thru PMON.If there is an abend, all work tables, error tables, etc will not be dropped. I believe log tables will be used for restartablility along w/t others. At the same time you can use ER/UV to identify error codes and unique violations. Normally ETL batch ID has a default working database where it creates these MLOAD meta data tables.Vinay

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