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jking108 4 posts Joined 05/15
28 Mar 2016
MLOAD will not read in null timestamps

I am using mload to load in a large data set. However, I can't get any of hte data to load because of the error 6760. I know it deals with the timestamp.
There is a column that gets read in perfectly, and it is a timestamp(0) column. Then there is another column that has no values, but it is a timestamp(0) format. The difference with this column though, is that there are no values in the column at all, but I'm still getting the 6760 error. How can I successfully read in an entire column of null timestamps without getting this error!!!!??????

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
30 Mar 2016

Is the input data in delimited format?
Did you mean you want to read an entire "row" of null timestamps?
Please give a sample schema (do not need the entire script -- yet) and sample data so we can better help you.


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