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28 Jan 2008
Mload Vs Insert/Select on a BIG table with PPI

Hi all.I'm having some doubts about which strategy to follow in order to load information on a big table.The situation is this: the table will hold info for about 6 months, and diary will load about 100 million records. The table will also have a PPI by day.My doubt is if the job that loads the records should be a mload given the size of the table, or if using the PPI I could do an Insert/Select given that the partition of the day to be loaded is empty (ideally).thanks.

oalfonso 12 posts Joined 02/08
20 Feb 2008

Where are the data to load? In a file or in another table in Terdata?

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
20 Feb 2008

it looks like fastload to a staging table followed by an insert/select would work well for you ....

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