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psyam 5 posts Joined 02/08
27 Aug 2009
MLOAD problem with loading special characters

I am working on mainframe environment,in which i am using a file which contains special characters like Société Generale which will be loaded into the column which is defined as CHAR(30)If i am loading this with MLOAD utility,job is not failing but the values are not loading properly(the value is loading as "Soci‘t‘ Generale").I am using the file which is "~" separated.Please let me know,how to resolve this problem.Note: The file contains normal records(without special characters) as well as special charaters related records.Channel attached defaultly using EBCDIC charcterset.I tried using UTF8,but layout its not taking properly(i am getting some error saying length is not matching).

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
30 Aug 2009

What character set are you using for your load?( If you do not specify this in Mload, check the Mload output just after the Login statement; his will tell you what character set you are using.)I do not think the standard EBCDIC character set converts accented characters; I think you should be using EBCDIC037_0E. You will need to install this if it has not been done on your site - see the International Character Support manual and your DBA/ site support.

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