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chill3che 99 posts Joined 10/12
08 Jul 2013
Mload - Informatica - cannot insert NULL value into NOT NULL column

Good Morning Experts,
As part of migration, a not null column has been added to a target table in Teradata and the mapping (Informatica 9.1) that uses this target table has been updated to include the newly added column.  But strangely the job has failed with the error 'cannot insert NULL value into NOT NULL column'.  On further checking, we have found that the control file hasn't generated the newly added column and its value in the insert statement even though the target table (and source table) is updated with the newly added column in the mapping.  Should we configure some kind of settings to take them in control file?
There was one more failure on another table on which the PI has been changed (previously - 1 column, now 3 columns).  Informatica generated the control file with the same script as in the case of previous run without any changes to PI (I presume) with having new PI columns in the UPDATE script and hence the job has failed as the PI columns cannot be updated in MLOAD.  What is the basis for the Informatica in generating the Control file? 
Thank you for your time on this.

Thanks, Cheeli
Ivyuan 63 posts Joined 01/10
09 Jul 2013

Hi Cheeli,
Can you provide some more details like products' versions, mload scripts(maybe be generated by Informatica in your case), job outputs/logs which conatins the error 'cannot insert NULL value into NOT NULL column'.
If a column is defined as a NOT NULL comlumn, if a NULL value was tried to be inserted into this column, Teradata would issue the error 'cannot insert NULL value into NOT NULL column'. This is expected.

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