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hotspear 2 posts Joined 12/04
30 Dec 2004
Meta Data Services

Hello,Is there an easy way to import ERWIN models into Teradata MDS?Thanks a lot

Rob123xyz 3 posts Joined 04/08
01 May 2008

Four years later I realize - did you figure out how to get ERwin metadata into MDS? I'm just starting down this path.- Robert

Triton 18 posts Joined 05/08
02 May 2008

ERwin lets you export directly to MDS. ERwin 7 or later has bridges from Meta Integration Technology Inc. (MITI) embedded and provides an export wizard that lets you pick Teradata MDS as the target export.When you move ERwin model information into MDS you have 2 scenarios. The bridge first looks to see if the physical metadata from ERwin (i.e. tables, columns, views) already exists in MDS:1) If the answer is yes, the bridge will only export out the logical model ( entities, attributes, etc.) and then associates these to the corresponding warehouse data already loaded in MDS.2) If the answer is no, the bridge will export both the physical and logical data from the models.The bridge also allows you to export ERwin modeling information from RDBMS other than Teradata into MDS. So if you have an ERwin model for DB2, SQLServer, etc., you can still export this out into MDS and there will be a field in the Database class that identifies the database type it represents.

Triton 18 posts Joined 05/08
21 Feb 2011

Starting with ERwin 7.3 the MITI bridge to export to Teradata MDS is no longer available. MITI no longer releases or supports this bridge.

An alternative is to use industry based standards to interchange between ERwin and MDS using an XML bridge.
From ERwin's menu base select File->Export->To External format to bring up the export wizard. On the Destination tab selevt OMG CWM XMI for the export Type.
Under Location specify the name & directory where the XML file (exported) is to be created.
Under Parameters the Model parameter lets you pick if you want to export UML(logical model) and/or RDB(physical model). Select what you need.
Specify a Default Schema Name
Press Finish button to begin export to XML file.

Bring up MDS' MetaBrowse or MetaManager utility and select Tools->Import->XML from the menu bar. Specify the XML file created from the ERwin export.
If you don't have the CWM_Metamodel defined already in MDS, then it will be created at this point and you will need to re-import the XML file so the data can now be loaded into the CWM_Metamodel.

Kishor_SN 2 posts Joined 01/15
27 Apr 2016

i am trying to install Teradata MDS 15. I was able to install all components successfully except for the Repository Explorer web UI. The web ui is hosted on tomcat. When i login with default user, it messages out saying "Login Failed". When i checked MDS logs, here is the mesg i see
04/27/2016 01:03:14|PID-5436|THREAD-10632|2|MDSDecryptPassword: expected input length of 257, 128 or 32, but got 0, status=META_E_INVALID_PARAMETER
04/27/2016 01:03:14|PID-5436|THREAD-10632|2|80007001 CMetaTransaction::CheckDatabase: Database connect failed
04/27/2016 01:03:14|PID-5436|THREAD-10632|2|80007001 CMetaStorage::SInitialize: Database connect failed
04/27/2016 01:03:14|PID-5436|THREAD-10632|2|CSkeletonChannel::Setup() Could not connect to the repository - dropping engine object
04/27/2016 01:03:14|PID-5436|THREAD-10632|2|CMetaRepository::SignOn [Result=META_E_INVALID_PARAMETER]
04/27/2016 01:03:14|PID-5436|THREAD-10632|2|[metajni] CMetaJNIRepository::SignOn()  FAILED [0x80007001]

The installation is done on a windows box. Checked all connectivity to repository, works well. Everything works well from MetaManager as well. Only issue is with Web UI. Can anybody please help or guide me to fix this issue?

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