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pranithb 1 post Joined 08/15
19 Aug 2015
Manage fallback files

I am using a Datastage server job to implement a MultiLoad from a sequential file into TD. In the DEV environment, the fallback files are being deleted upon successful completion of the job. However in the TEST environment, the fallback files are not being deleted and are persisting in the np_axsmod folder. I understand there is a parameter "confirm_fallback_deletion" which is set to "n" by default.
However I would like to know how to set the parameter when I am using a DS job to execute the MultiLoad, or if there is a config file where I can set the MultiLoad to delete the fallback files.
Any information on how to ensure these .fbf files are deleted upon completion will be helpful.
Unix OS : AIX 6.1
TD Version 14.00
Thank You.

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