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Willimoa 63 posts Joined 10/09
01 Sep 2010
Looking for Comparison of Teradata PT to Fastload and Multiload

I am looking for a reference, which I'm sure I've seen before, that lists out the differences between TPT (Or Teradata PT) and the other Utilities like Fastload and Multiload. This is very useful when converting existing scripts over to TPT.
I am aware of some functionality not being available in TPT that is there in the older utilities, I would just like to see the definitive list. I can't see it in the current User and Reference Guides.


ratchetandclank 49 posts Joined 01/08
02 Sep 2010

I am sure i have seen it before, but I am not sure where.. If you have specific questions, please post..

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
02 Sep 2010

We used to put the information in the manuals, listing the features found in the traditional load/unload utilities that are not found in TPT. I am not sure why that information was removed.

(I went back to the 8.2 version of the manuals and the information was in there, but looks like it was removed when we re-organized all of our manuals in 12.0.)

There aren't a lot of features found in FL/ML/FE that are not supported in TPT.

The major ones are:

1. conditional logic (IF-THEN-ELSE)
2. "predefined system variables" (i.e. SYSDATE, SYSTIME, SYSAPLYCNT)

Of course, there is a lot that TPT can do that the older utilities cannot.

I understand you are looking into this for script conversion and that is a good thing. If you have any specific questions, we can help you out.

One thing to make note of when converting scripts. I used to give talks at the Partners Conference about "migrating from SA to TPT". There is a difference between "migrating" and "converting scripts". If you are trying to learn TPT, then converting some scripts and running them is fine. But if you want to migrate your environment from using the SA products to TPT, then there are other factors to consider.

If you want to discuss more, feel free to email me.


Willimoa 63 posts Joined 10/09
02 Sep 2010

Thanks Steven,
I thought it was in the manuals, but I've only recently been looking at the newer ones.
I dug out your 2007 presentation and the comparison slides are very helpful. I've not looked at TPT much until now so I was looking for a list of features/issues that either don't exist in TPT or you have to do by a different approach. I appreciate however that TPT can do a lot more as well. Some things that come to mind:
The equivalent to a FROM clause in the .IMPORT statement
Datatype limitations, I have heard timestamps may be an issue
Transformation options, like cast/coalesce. I've just scanned through the Operator Programmer Guide that mentions "Transformation" in the text e.g. Pg 16 "...Teradata PT infrastructure provides a simple, declarative SQL-like scripting language for specifying:...Any transformation and filtering functions". Does "Any" come with caveats ? I'm not sure if it is implying that I need to write my own "transform operator" (e.g. pg 9 of your presentation) and do I have to know C++ to do that ?
Before I ask anymore questions, I think I'll spend a bit more time reading through the various guides in more detail. Thanks.

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