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Niruban 2 posts Joined 04/14
28 Jun 2016
Look up in TPT

Hi All,
Can anyone kindly let me know is it possible to perform look up in TPT ? I am having around 100K record in a file. I want to load it into a table by looking up another table(by joining a column between file and Table). Can someone kindly let me know is it possible. Thanks in advance!

Regards, Niruban M
M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
28 Jun 2016

NO. As you will be using two separate operators: FileReader to read the file and export to select data from table.
Why dont you load the file in step-1 into a temp table, and use that table  to join in step-2. This will also give you best performance.


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