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Susan 11 posts Joined 12/08
09 Jan 2009
Loading multiple tables with Fastload only logging in once

I am attempting to login once to Fastload and then run a number of Fastload scripts to load different data to different tables. My test was just to merge two scripts together, dropping the logoff from the first script and the .logon statement from the second script. My first error message told me I should not have more than one vartext in a fastload job so I deleted the second vartext statement. Then I had the message that the file (DDNAME) or INMOD was already specified. I resolved that inserting the CLEAR command just before the define statement.Finally, the error message I could not resolve - an error objecting to the second table or error files.0027 BEGIN LOADING DIM_DAY ErrorFiles DIM_DAY_ERR1, DIM_DAY_ERR2;**** 10:30:06 RDBMS error 2635: Error tables are invalid OR DIM_DAY is in an invalid state for Load -There is nothing wrong with these tables - if I run the second script independently, with a login, it runs cleanly. Has anyone any suggestions or is it really true that you cannot load multiple tables with one logon into fastload. I thought I would be saving time with one login, plus I am trying to working out a secure way of running fastload scripts via a UNIX shell script. My idea on security is that when running automatically from the root directory the job will pick up the logon from a secure file using .RUN plus the file name, and when someone is running manually they have to supply a logon and password which then gets put in a file, only readable by that user, used by the fastload scripts instead of the logon in the secure file. I thought the problems would be easier to crack with one login rather than having to pull it in multiple time to multiple scripts. If anyone has written anything like this could you possible let me have the solution? Advice would be gratefully received. My Unix knowledge is failrly basic and I am new to Fastload although rapidly improving with much use of the Teradata reference manuals.Regards,Susan

cnhan 11 posts Joined 12/07
12 Jan 2009

One of Fastload's restrictions is that it Only loads 1 empty table with 1 FastLoad job. Also, it does not support .RUN

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
12 Jan 2009

FastLoad has supported RUN command since TTU8.0 (FastLoad 7.6).

19 Jan 2009


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