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dlieske 3 posts Joined 08/10
03 Dec 2015

Has anyone recently successfully loaded GeoSpatial map data into Teradata?  I am sourcing shape files *.shp from a TIGER Database.  I have attempted to use Teradata's TDGeoImport ultility.  However, this tool is far from being prime time ready, after jumping though hoop after hoop of setting this that and the other in path statements etc I am still no further along then when I started.
So, is there a good reliable way to load geographic data into Teradata?  Possibly a third party tool?  Can you use TPT?  If so do you have to first load the data as a CLOB and convert it?
Kinda at the ropes end here, I feel like Teradata dumped some rather questionable capabilities on thier database and then decided to ignore the GeoSpatial segment back in 2012. 

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